Replica Island

Replica Island 1.4

Amusing platform game for Android


  • Excellent graphics and animation
  • 40 levels
  • Fun gameplay


  • Fiddly controls

Very good

Replica Island is an awesome game in which you lead the Android robot on a fun adventure through 40 challenging levels.

Your mission in Replica Island is to discover the secret of the mysterious Source, a force that powers the whole of Replica Island. In order to do so, you need to run and fly around collecting gems and squashing bad guys. You must also master the art of possessing your enemies, using your special powers, in order to take control of them and help you solve problems.

The graphics is Replica Island are excellent. Everything is very colorful, and the characters in the game are fun and well conceived. The animation of the Android robot and the secondary characters is very smooth.

The gameplay is fun and there's enough diversity between levels to hold your interest. Replica Island is pretty tough, especially because of its rather fiddly control system. Moving around is done via the touch pad or d pad, and it's a method that is quite tricky to master. With the addition of touchscreen direction controls, Replica Island would be even more enjoyable.

As it is stands, Replica Island is a fun platform romp that proves one of the nicer looking of the current crop of Android games.

Replica Island


Replica Island 1.4

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